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Wild Rice Education and Community Development Consultation
  • James Whetung, the owner/operator of Black Duck Wild Rice has over 25 years experience in collecting and processing wild rice. He was trained in this by his elders and holds an immense amount of traditional knowledge in regard to this food source and has innovated from there. This experience and knowledge is the foundation of Black Duck Wild Rice’s education and consultancy work
  • During the harvest season Black Duck Wild Rice hosts up to 6 half/whole day education tours/workshops for local school and community groups as well as university classes. They also provide opportunities for individuals to join their experiential “Wild Rice Camp”.  In 2013 Black Duck Wild Rice will also be hosting a day-long“community” wild rice workshop for individuals interested in learning more. In 2015 Black Duck Wild Rice would like to be able to scale up their outreach and educational opportunities into a unique regional eco/agri-tourism opportunity.
  • In the off season James’ knowledge is sought out by local food groups and sustainable agriculture programs and organizations.
  • His knowledge base has also been the foundation from which other First Nation Communities have planned and implemented the re-introduction of wild rice in their communities. In 2012 a nearby First Nation purchased 1000 lbs of wild rice tore-establish their traditional wild rice beds